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Your timing, our drive

Ninatrans ensures national and international time-critical shipments for clients expecting a high level of efficiency and therefore strict observance of loading and delivery times are essential. Complex traffic regulations, legislation, strict driving and resting rules, licenses, insurances, payment management and legislation that is different in every country have turned transport into a highly specialized business. In addition to the economic factors, the social aspects also count, because a company is part of a society and must take responsibility for a sustainable future in which energy and the environment play an important role. Ninatrans focuses on national and international transport where time efficiency plays an essential role. That is why the company invests in innovation and technology and has developed its own systems to be able to deliver such high quality. Behind the simple principle of getting a product from A to B is a complex and innovative machine of people and resources that make this happen.


Ninatrans is a family business, founded nearly sixty years ago by grandfather Jules Smets. His son Léon followed in his father’s footsteps and turned a one-man business into a company, which has been managed by the third generation since 1993. In 1986 the structure was changed to Ninatrans, named after daughter Nina, who retired in 2020. In 2021 Ninatrans acquired the company Transmet, originally founded in the forties by Louis Smets. With this acquisition the company is ready to face the challenges of the future, especially in terms of flexibility and diversity of the market.


285 Tractors: tractor units 634 Semi-trailers: with/without roller bed for air freight, box, tilt, conditioned... 24 Trucks: distribution vehicles


A specialized team of planners and dispatchers are available 24/7, to guarantee correct delivery of all transports. Ninatrans operates the most modern computer- and communication tools to ensure that every load is delivered safely and within the agreed time to its destination. All vehicles are equipped with board computers registering each transport in detail. All trailers also have independent track & trace systems, so that notonly the truck itself, but also the goods in the trailer can be located at any time.

Human Resources

Ninatrans' employees are the ones who help determine the quality of the performance delivered. Thanks to intensive training and supervision programmes, drivers are supported on a daily basis in the performance of their duties. Specially trained experienced drivers act as godparents for new drivers so that they immediately feel at home in the organization.

Info & Communication Technology

Ninatrans uses state-of-the-art ICT and communication tools. All vehicles are equipped with board computers registering every mission in detail. Every trailer is also equipped with independent track & trace systems. Progressive IT systems enable efficient fleet management and provide our spreaded offices and our customers a real-time follow up of every transport. The best-of-bread principle is the basis of our IT structure. Available market software and hardware is combined with in-house developed applications that enable communication and data-availability for our customers. Evidently pre-alerts, monitoring and proof of delivery documents are real-time available through our online platform.

- Advanced ICT structure with tracking & tracing equipment on trucks & trailers
- Performant transport management system
- Progressing investment in digitization processes

Social Responsibility

Ninatrans does not operate in a vacuum. We have a responsibility towards people, shareholders and the surrounding world. As a transport company, road safety is one of our primary concerns. Our drivers are more than just people behind the wheel. Their health and wellbeing are important to us. That is why we set up training programmes and started a project to promote healthy nutrition. As far as the environment is concerned, reducing CO2 emissions is an important aspect of our company strategy. That is also why Ninatrans is one of the pioneers within the Lean & Green programme. This is a charter that motivates companies to lower their CO2 emissions by 20% over five years.


An important focus is road safety. Both in the recruitment and training policy of our drivers, a lot of attention is paid to it. Every year several schools visit Ninatrans where our safety officer points out to the students the possible dangers of trucks, in particular 'the blind spot'. There is a mirror adjustment area on the Ninatrans premises. When the mirrors are adjusted according to the instructions on the instruction board, the truck's "blind spot" is the smallest. A small effort that contributes to improving road safety for drivers and for other road users.

Awards & Certifications

2007 - Safety Award
2008 - Logistics ICT Award
2009 - 2ND Place Green Truck Award
2010 - Move For Climate Chambers of Commerce
2012 - Truck Safety Charter
2013 - Belgian Transporter Of The Year
2013 - Regulated Agent BE/RA/00017-01
2014 - Best European Transport Operator
2015 - Best Transport Innovation
2016 - Lean & Green Star Award
2017 - ISO9001:2015
2018 - CEIV Pharma Certification
2019 - TAPA TSR High Value Transport Certification
2020 - VOKA Sustainable Business Charter
2021 - Brussels Airport Environmental Award