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Ninatrans is the best partner if you are looking for a professional, flexible and tailor made logistics service. At Ninatrans your transport is in safe hands. 

Time critical transportation

Ninatrans ensures national and international time-critical shipments for clients expecting a high level of efficiency and therefore strict observance of loading and delivery times are essential. Complex traffic regulations, legislation, strict driving and resting rules, licenses, insurances, payment management and legislation that is different in every country have turned transport into a highly specialised business.

In addition to the economic factors, the social aspects also count. Because a company is part of a society and must take responsibility for a sustainable future in which energy and the environment play an important role.

Ninatrans focuses on national and international transport where time efficiency plays an essential role. That is why the company invests in innovation and technology and has developed its own systems to be able to deliver such high quality. Behind the simple principle of getting a product from A to B is a complex and innovative Machine of people and resources that make this happen.

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Tailored Business Transportation Services

Time-critical transports

Regular jobs for customers active in time-critical goods, in combination with appreciated efficiency and the use of the most recent communication technologies are the main lines of Ninatrans' corporate vision.
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Ninatrans has a large fleet of truck combinations equipped with roller beds for transporting air freight containers.
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All airfreight follow-up transports of perishables (vegetables, fruit, flowers) can be guaranteed by Ninatrans
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By keeping a large fleet of trucks, spread over several countries, Ninatrans can offer the necessary flexibility and ad hoc availability to guarantee express transport per truck.
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Ninatrans is specialized in transport for the logistic support of fairs, events, concerts and festivals.
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All vehicles are equipped with the most modern communication devices and can be monitored continuously.
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Insulated trailers with cooling motors keep the temperature at any set level for the transportation of pharmaceutical and medical products.
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Ninatrans has been transporting goods for the food and drink sector for nearly 50 years.
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Ninatrans takes care of complete national distribution & warehousing for many clients and carries out pickups and deliveries throughout the EU.
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Tanker transport mainly relates to the transport of detergents and derivatives, including ADR.
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Experience the difference

We understand transporting goods goes beyond bringing them from point a to b. But what makes us truly different? 

Ninatrans specializes in national and international transport where time efficiency plays an essential role. We invest in innovation and technology to be able to deliver high-quality service, ensuring that all transports are delivered safely and within the agreed time to its destination.

Ninatrans has a modern fleet of 285 tractors, 634 semi-trailers, and 24 distribution vehicles. We also have a specialized team of planners and dispatchers available 24/7 to guarantee correct delivery of all transports.

Ninatrans supports their drivers on a daily basis in the performance of their duties, thanks to intensive training and supervision programmes. Specially trained experienced drivers act as buddies for new drivers so that they immediately feel at home in the organization.

Ninatrans uses state-of-the-art ICT and communication tools. All vehicles are equipped with board computers registering every mission in detail. Progressive IT systems enable efficient fleet management and provide real-time follow-up of every transport.

Ninatrans has a responsibility towards people, shareholders, and the surrounding world. We focus on road safety, healthy nutrition for our drivers, and reducing CO2 emissions. We also have a safety officer who points out the possible dangers of trucks, in particular ‘the blind spot,’ and they have a mirror adjustment area on their premises to improve road safety.

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