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Time-critical transports

Regular jobs for customers active in time-critical goods, in combination with appreciated efficiency and the use of the most recent communication technologies are the main lines of Ninatrans’ corporate vision.

Air freight transport

Ninatrans has a large fleet of truck combinations equipped with roller beds for transporting air freight containers. Transports are executed to all EU airports, focusing on the Benelux, France, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain. Ninatrans has offices close to BRU, AMS, LEJ and PRG airports.


All airfreight follow-up transports of perishables (vegetables, fruit, flowers) can be guaranteed by Ninatrans, thanks to its cooling trailers, suitable for temperature controlled transport of air freight containers. These transports demand strict execution, due to time pressure and temperature sensitivity.

Express transport

By keeping a large fleet of trucks, spread over several countries, Ninatrans can offer the necessary flexibility and ad hoc availability to guarantee express transport per truck.

Fairs & Events

Ninatrans is specialized in transport for the logistic support of fairs, events, concerts and festivals.

High value goods

All vehicles are equipped with the most modern communication devices and can be monitored continuously. Trailers can be locked and drivers are professionally trained for high value transport. If necessary, a double crew or accompanying vehicles are provided. Ninatrans has the highest TAPA-1 certification.


Pharma & medicals

Insulated trailers with cooling motors keep the temperature at any set level for the transportation of pharmaceutical and medical products. Thanks to temperature sensors, the temperature is followed up at all times.

Food & beverages

Ninatrans has been transporting goods for the food and drink sector for nearly 50 years.

Warehousing, cross docking & distribution

Ninatrans takes care of complete national distribution & warehousing for many clients and carries out pickups and deliveries throughout the EU.

Tanker transport

Tanker transport mainly relates to the transport of detergents and derivatives, including ADR. The equipment is designed for the transportation of classified and unclassified chemicals and nutrients.