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Our vision

We believe that the transportation of goods will always have an important role in the economic landscape. Mobility will undergo major changes, stimulated by climate, environment, energy & safety. Technology & innovation are essential to maintain a balance between economic and social interests. Transport is much more than bringing products from A to B.

Social responsIbility

Ninatrans does not operate in a vacuum. We have a responsibility towards people, shareholders and the surrounding world. As a transport company, road safety is one of our primary concerns. Our drivers are more than just people behind the wheel. Their health and well-being are important to us. that is why we set up training programs and started a project to promote healthy nutrition. As far as the environment is concerned, reducing CO2 emissions is an important aspect of our company strategy. That is also why Ninatrans is one of the pioneers of the Lean & Green program


Ninatrans is also looking for the latest technologies in alternative fuel systems like bio-lng, hybrid, electrical, and hydrogen vehicles in order to optimize its services even further. The company was also the first transporter in Belgium to have aerodynamic trailers which significantly reduce the use of fuel and was the first company that was permitted to drive with the longer eco-combi truck on the Belgian roads.


Ninatrans uses state-of-the-art ICT and communication tools. All vehicles are equipped with board computers registering every mission in detail. Every trailer is also equipped with independent track & trace systems. Progressive IT systems enable efficient fleet management and provide our spread offices and our customers a real-time follow-up of every transport. The best-of-bread principle is the basis of our IT structure. Available market software and hardware are combined with in-house developed applications that enable communication and data availability for our customers. Evidently pre-alerts, monitoring, and proof of delivery documents are real-time available through our online platform.

  • Advanced ICT structure with tracking & tracing equipment on trucks & trailers
  • Performant transport management system
  • progressing investment in digitization processes