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Day of the truck driver 2023

Day of the truck driver 2023 Day of the truck driver​ Day in day out, bad or good weather, traffic jams or not, we are very thankful for having drivers with so much commitment! Dag in dag uit, weer of geen weer, met of zonder file, we mogen onze chauffeurs dankbaar zijn voor hun toewijding, elke dag opnieuw! Jour après jour, qu’il fasse beau ou mauvais, qu’il y ait des embouteillages ou non, nous sommes très reconnaissants d’avoir des chauffeurs aussi engagés!

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Ninatrans creates branch in Spain

Ninatrans creates branch in Spain Ninatrans creates branch in Spain​ A few days ago Ninatrans established a new subsidiary called Ninatrans Iberia. This allows the company to further expand its time-critical air freight traffic between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the European continent, but it also reflects the increased ambitions of the Leuven-based company. In addition to its national transport activities, Ninatrans is currently active in air cargo transport from the airports of Brussels and Liège in Belgium, Leipzig in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia and now Madrid in Spain. The specialty is “time-critical” cargo transport by road between these important airports. “Madrid is an interesting place to locate

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Ninatrans winner “Trucker of the Year” at ACB Awards 2023

Ninatrans winner “Trucker of the Year” at ACB Awards 2023 Ninatrans winner “Trucker of the Year” at ACB Awards 2023 We proudly inform you that Ninatrans has won the ACB Awards 2023 in the “Trucker of the Year” category. The jury praised Ninatrans not only for its commitment to developing ideas and projects, but also for its contribution to the development of a sustainable and innovative community in the interest of all Air Cargo Belgium members. About Air Cargo Belgium With more than 160 members – from airlines to handlers, forwarders and airport authorities – ACB represents the vast majority of the air cargo community in Belgium. About Ninatrans As a company, Ninatrans has a

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IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra

IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra Febetra recently awarded IRU honorary diplomas to a group of drivers, including several from Ninatrans and Transmet, who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in the field of transportation. This event was a momentous occasion to honor and recognize these exceptional individuals who have shown great dedication and professionalism in their work. Among the honorees were Didier, Georghita, Christian, and Jean, who were congratulated for their efforts and accomplishments. These drivers have undoubtedly demonstrated exceptional driving skills, safety practices, and customer service, which have contributed significantly to the overall success of their companies. It is essential to recognize and acknowledge the contributions of drivers, who

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Day of the truck driver

Celebrating the Day of the Truck Driver with Ninatrans. Day of the truck driver at ninatrans Truck drivers play a crucial role in our global economy, ensuring the smooth flow of goods across vast distances. We are pleased to partner with Ninatrans and Transmet, two prominent transportation companies, as we celebrate the Day of the Truck Driver. These drivers possess remarkable skills and face numerous challenges on the road. They brave unpredictable weather conditions and heavy traffic to deliver goods safely and on time. Without their commitment and expertise, our stores would be empty, and industries would suffer. The support of Ninatrans underscores the significance of this day. It highlights the industry’s collective recognition of

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Ninatrans and Transmet join forces

IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra Transport companies Ninatrans from Leuven and Transmet from Boutersem, are joining forces and building on a joint future. The new transport group aims to gain in efficiency and, thanks to a larger offer, a stronger market position in the rapidly evolving logistics sector. Both Ninatrans and Transmet are well-known names in the transport world. Ninatrans is a major player in time-critical transport in Belgium and abroad, including transport of air freight. Transmet specializes in logistics, tilt and tanker transport. Remarkable: Transmet and Ninatrans were founded by two brothers, Louis and Jules Smets respectively. Yet in the past both companies pursued separate ways with completely different target groups. Until now, because

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