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Ninatrans creates branch in Spain

Ninatrans creates branch in Spain​

A few days ago Ninatrans established a new subsidiary called Ninatrans Iberia. This allows the company to further expand its time-critical air freight traffic between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the European continent, but it also reflects the increased ambitions of the Leuven-based company.

In addition to its national transport activities, Ninatrans is currently active in air cargo transport from the airports of Brussels and Liège in Belgium, Leipzig in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia and now Madrid in Spain. The specialty is “time-critical” cargo transport by road between these important airports. “Madrid is an interesting place to locate because it is the gateway to Europe for many goods from Latin America,” CEO Benny Smets explains. “We got a lot of requests for this, so we opened our first office in Madrid. This will allow us to offer transport services between Madrid and the other major European airports. Initially we will outsource these flows to subcontractors, but our ambition is to have our own fleet in Spain. I plan to achieve this goal by acquiring some local company, and several possibilities are currently being discussed.”

Ninatrans’ air freight network is thus expanding significantly, and the CEO’s ambition is clear: Ninatrans is now aiming at the European top, which is currently dominated by the Dutch group Jan De Rijk and the Luxembourg group Wallenborn.