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A specialized team of planners and dispatchers are available 24/7, to guarantee correct delivery of all transports. Ninatrans operates the most modern computer- and communication tools to ensure that every load is delivered safely and within the agreed time to its destination. All vehicles are equipped with board computers registering each transport in detail. All trailers also have independent track & trace system implemented.


Human resources

Ninatrans’ employees are the ones who help determine the quality of the performance delivered. Thanks to intensive training and supervision programs, drivers are supported on a daily basis in the performance of their duties. Specially trained experienced drivers act as godparents for new drivers so that they  immediately feel at home in the organization


Ninatrans has a large fleet of trailers, a large part of which are airfreight trailers equipped with roller beds to ensure smooth transportation of air freight and perishables. All trucks are equipped with onboard computers, so the communication with the drivers can be done in real-time and all the railers have a tracking system that delivers continuous information about the exact location and status of the load. Ninatrans has also developed its own TMS system that can be connected to the IT system of the client, so they are able to know where their load is at any given time

  • 285 tractor units: standard height and mega
  • 24 distribution trucks
  • 634 Semi-trailers: with/without roller bed for air freight, box, pick-up, conditioned, tank.