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Ninatrans and Transmet join forces

IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra Transport companies Ninatrans from Leuven and Transmet from Boutersem, are joining forces and building on a joint future. The new transport group aims to gain in efficiency and, thanks to a larger offer, a stronger market position in the rapidly evolving logistics sector. Both Ninatrans and Transmet are well-known names in the transport world. Ninatrans is a major player in time-critical transport in Belgium and abroad, including transport of air freight. Transmet specializes in logistics, tilt and tanker transport. Remarkable: Transmet and Ninatrans were founded by two brothers, Louis and Jules Smets respectively. Yet in the past both companies pursued separate ways with completely different target groups. Until now, because

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Ninatrans shows golden heart and treats drivers to healthy snacks

Ninatrans shows golden heart and treats drivers to healthy snacks This year Truck Driver’s Day will take place on December 8, and of course Ninatrans NV from Heverlee cannot miss it. Just like last year, they will offer drivers all day long treats. They are even based on the site of some customers. CEO Benny Smets promises healthy snacks for all drivers! Watch this video for more info! https://ninatrans.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Ninatrans-Deelnemer-Dag-van-de-Vrachtwagenchauffeur.mp4

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Overcoming the Growing Driver Shortage: Ninatrans at the Forefront of Sustainable Transport Solutions

Getting young drivers behind the wheel Overcoming the Growing Driver Shortage: Ninatrans at the Forefront of Sustainable Transport Solutions In a recent forum addressing the critical issue of the driver shortage in Europe, Ninatrans made a significant presence. We extend our gratitude to driver Luc Peeters for delivering an insightful presentation. As the scarcity of professional drivers continues to worsen, businesses must be aware of the implications it poses for mobility and supply chains, ultimately impacting the EU economy. The chronic shortage of professional drivers in Europe has been a persistent problem for over a decade, and the situation is only worsening. This scarcity is now posing a significant threat to mobility and supply chains,

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Brewer ABInBev deploys the first LZV with Ninatrans!

Brewer Ab Inbev deploys the first LZV with Ninatrans! In Heverlee, near Leuven, the first ecocombi, or “supertruck”, has been proposed that is allowed to drive on the Flemish roads. The first was for brewer AB InBev and transport company Ninatrans. The super-long transport will be deployed between Heverlee and the port of Antwerp. https://ninatrans.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Ninatrans-de-eerste-LZV-in-Vlaanderen.mp4

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2014:  European transporter of the year

2014: European transporter of the year Brussels, 10/10/2014 – IRU Bestows the Title of Best EU Road Transport Operator 2014 to Belgian Haulier, Ninatrans, for Its Exceptional Commitment to Safety and the Environment at the 4th IRU/EU Road Transport Conference. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has officially declared Belgian haulier Ninatrans as the recipient of the inaugural IRU award for Best EU Road Transport Operator 2014. This prestigious accolade, bestowed upon the company following an evaluation by an international jury*, recognizes Ninatrans for its outstanding dedication to safety and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Ninatrans, represented by Benny Smets, Nina Smets, and Bruno Vannerum – who had previously received the national Belgian Road Transport

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2013:  transporter of the year

2013: Transporter of the year On February 22, 2013, Ninatrans was honored with the title of Transporter of the Year 2013 at the Transport & Logistics Awards. The Transporter of the Year award, organized by the trade magazine Truck & Business, recognizes third-party transport companies that stand out for their excellent management, market approach, social initiatives, and commitment to innovation in safety and the environment. Ninatrans has achieved remarkable success by combining a period of substantial growth with a thorough professionalization of its structures and work methods, all while navigating through challenging economic times. Ninatrans has not only enhanced its image with its new facility but has also substantiated its reputation in various aspects of

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