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2014:  European transporter of the year

2014: European transporter of the year Brussels, 10/10/2014 – IRU Bestows the Title of Best EU Road Transport Operator 2014 to Belgian Haulier, Ninatrans, for Its Exceptional Commitment to Safety and the Environment at the 4th IRU/EU Road Transport Conference. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has officially declared Belgian haulier Ninatrans as the recipient of the inaugural IRU award for Best EU Road Transport Operator 2014. This prestigious accolade, bestowed upon the company following an evaluation by an international jury*, recognizes Ninatrans for its outstanding dedication to safety and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Ninatrans, represented by Benny Smets, Nina Smets, and Bruno Vannerum – who had previously received the national Belgian Road Transport

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2013:  transporter of the year

2013: Transporter of the year On February 22, 2013, Ninatrans was honored with the title of Transporter of the Year 2013 at the Transport & Logistics Awards. The Transporter of the Year award, organized by the trade magazine Truck & Business, recognizes third-party transport companies that stand out for their excellent management, market approach, social initiatives, and commitment to innovation in safety and the environment. Ninatrans has achieved remarkable success by combining a period of substantial growth with a thorough professionalization of its structures and work methods, all while navigating through challenging economic times. Ninatrans has not only enhanced its image with its new facility but has also substantiated its reputation in various aspects of

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2013:  Lean & Green Award

2013: Lean & Green Award On January 31, 2013, Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters presented the first Lean and Green awards in Flanders during the VIL New Year’s reception. Twelve companies received this award in recognition of their efforts to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions and energy consumption associated with their logistical activities. The inaugural recipients of the Lean and Green awards are AB InBev Belgium, Alders Transport & Logistics, Bayer Antwerp, Chep Benelux, Ewals Intermodal, HJ Heinz Belgium, Hospital Logistics, Ninatrans, Snel Logistic Solutions, Vervoer Van Dievel, Vervoer Verbessem, and Wim Bosman. The Lean and Green award symbolizes these companies’ commitment to making their logistical operations more efficient and sustainable. To qualify for the award,

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2012: An ideal location

2012: An ideal location Located in the Haasrode industrial zone, Ninatrans has found its ideal location for building its future. The facility is perfectly tailored to accommodate the growth Ninatrans has experienced in recent years while also providing ample room for future expansion. In tandem with the plans for the new facility, we have been working diligently to enhance our corporate identity. Over the past months, a significant number of our trailers have been updated with new branding. Additionally, we have condensed our company motto into a concise and powerful phrase: ‘Your Timing, Our Drive.’ This reflects our continued focus on time-critical transportation as our specialty, and our commitment to collaborating with you and our

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2010: Move for Climate

2010: Move for climate The VOKA Chambers of Commerce Halle-Vilvoorde and Leuven announced on Wednesday evening in Leuven the ten companies awarded the Move for Climate Award for their efforts in reducing the harmful effects of car and truck transport on our climate. These companies developed action plans and implemented measures such as reducing commuting distances, adopting eco-friendly driving practices, purchasing hybrid and alternative transport vehicles, optimizing cargo capacity, shifting to rail and waterway transport. Transport company Ninatrans, based in Bierbeek, deployed lighter vehicles for lightweight transport, minimized empty vehicle miles, invested in eco-friendly trucks, provided eco-driving courses for drivers, and reduced fuel consumption through improved engine management and wind deflectors. These efforts resulted in

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2008: Truck ICT Award

2008: Truck ICT Award On February 22, 2008, the ‘Truck ICT Award’ was presented for the second time, an initiative by MMM Business Media. The ‘Truck ICT Award’ recognizes a Belgium-based company that manages its own truck fleet and implements an extremely effective ICT policy. The laureate of the 2008 edition was Ninatrans, a leading Belgian transporter specializing in air freight transport and goods transportation between airports across nearly all of Europe. Ninatrans was honored for its intelligent combination of ‘best of breed’ technology and in-house development. The result of this approach is an ICT infrastructure that is highly tailored to the needs of the company and its customers. Ninatrans has established itself as a

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