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2013: Transporter of the year

On February 22, 2013, Ninatrans was honored with the title of Transporter of the Year 2013 at the Transport & Logistics Awards.

The Transporter of the Year award, organized by the trade magazine Truck & Business, recognizes third-party transport companies that stand out for their excellent management, market approach, social initiatives, and commitment to innovation in safety and the environment. Ninatrans has achieved remarkable success by combining a period of substantial growth with a thorough professionalization of its structures and work methods, all while navigating through challenging economic times.

Ninatrans has not only enhanced its image with its new facility but has also substantiated its reputation in various aspects of its operations. The unanimous decision of the judging panel underscores this accomplishment in a particularly compelling manner.

The company’s achievement is a testament to its dedication to excellence in transportation. It reflects its unwavering commitment to efficient management, innovative market strategies, responsible social practices, and a strong focus on safety and environmental concerns.

Through its exceptional performance and commitment to continuous improvement, Ninatrans has earned its place as the Transporter of the Year for 2013. This recognition serves as a mark of distinction within the industry and demonstrates the company’s ability to excel and innovate even in challenging economic conditions. Ninatrans’ achievement serves as an inspiration to the transportation community, showcasing the rewards of dedication to quality and sustainability.