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IRU honorary diplomas by Febetra

Transport companies Ninatrans from Leuven and Transmet from Boutersem, are joining forces and building on a joint future. The new transport group aims to gain in efficiency and, thanks to a larger offer, a stronger market position in the rapidly evolving logistics sector.

Both Ninatrans and Transmet are well-known names in the transport world. Ninatrans is a major player in time-critical transport in Belgium and abroad, including transport of air freight. Transmet specializes in logistics, tilt and tanker transport. Remarkable: Transmet and Ninatrans were founded by two brothers, Louis and Jules Smets respectively. Yet in the past both companies pursued separate ways with completely different target groups. Until now, because the now third generation company managers are convinced that together they are stronger in the competitive transport sector.

Among the honorees were Didier, Georghita, Christian, and Jean, who were congratulated for their efforts and accomplishments. These drivers have undoubtedly demonstrated exceptional driving skills, safety practices, and customer service, which have contributed significantly to the overall success of their companies.

It is essential to recognize and acknowledge the contributions of drivers, who are an integral part of the transportation industry. Their hard work and commitment help ensure that goods are delivered efficiently and on time, making a significant contribution to the economy. Congratulations to all the honorees, and thank you for your service!

Because of their different specializations, both are complementary and the new group can broaden its services, explains Benny Smets, CEO of Ninatrans, this step: “Thanks to Transmet, we can also offer partial loads and warehouse activities from Boutersem and Mechelen and increase our flexibility to our customers. Transmet’s experience in tank transport also offers new opportunities.” Herman Smets, CEO of Transmet is also convinced of the benefits: “We will combine the strengths of both companies so that a new, powerful group is formed that allows us to take a stronger market position.”

In practice, little will change for customers and staff, says Benny Smets: “The services of both organizations will actually improve: more flexibility, more efficiency and new opportunities for our customers, partners and employees. This merger allows us to invest even more together in quality, digitalization, specialization and sustainability. Both entities will each retain their structure and the locations will also remain operational. The names of both family businesses will therefore continue to exist”.

Benny Smets will assume the position of CEO of Ninatrans and Transmet. Herman Smets of Transmet will retire later this year but will remain on the strategic advisory board of the joint transport group. His children Steven and Stefanie manage Transmet’s site in Boutersem on a daily basis.

The new transport group has now 350 trucks and 600 trailers. With Ninatrans branches in Germany and France as well, they operate both nationally and internationally.