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2013: Lean & Green Award

On January 31, 2013, Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters presented the first Lean and Green awards in Flanders during the VIL New Year’s reception. Twelve companies received this award in recognition of their efforts to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions and energy consumption associated with their logistical activities.

The inaugural recipients of the Lean and Green awards are AB InBev Belgium, Alders Transport & Logistics, Bayer Antwerp, Chep Benelux, Ewals Intermodal, HJ Heinz Belgium, Hospital Logistics, Ninatrans, Snel Logistic Solutions, Vervoer Van Dievel, Vervoer Verbessem, and Wim Bosman.

The Lean and Green award symbolizes these companies’ commitment to making their logistical operations more efficient and sustainable.

To qualify for the award, companies must meticulously assess the CO2 emissions from their logistical activities and develop a comprehensive action plan to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions by a minimum of 20%. Each action plan undergoes evaluation by the Mobi research group at the Free University of Brussels.

These awards reflect a collective effort by these companies to embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. By recognizing their dedication to reducing their environmental footprint, the Lean and Green awards highlight the positive impact that responsible business practices can have on our planet and the logistics industry as a whole.