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2007: Safety award

The Safety Award, as the name suggests, honors the transporter who has invested most efficiently in safety in recent years. And the winner is… Ninatrans!

For Ninatrans, road safety is the hallmark of the company. Safety concerns begin with the recruitment of drivers. “During the job interview, candidates are extensively questioned about their accident history and where they gained their experience,” says Quality Manager Johan Vandenplas. Drivers frequently visit schools with their trucks to educate children about the dangers of blind spots and to make it clear that a truck driver cannot see everything they can. “Safety is primarily about avoiding human casualties,” says Vandenplas. “That’s why we make these efforts in schools to raise awareness among children.”

Ninatrans holds multiple safety certifications, but that’s not the most important aspect. “We view obtaining the certificate in a broader perspective,” says Smets. “We continue to adjust and refine. Road safety is very important to us. For example, we had blind spot mirrors on our trucks before they were legally required. Ultimately, such a mirror is a small investment. Moreover, preventing accidents is a cost savings, even if it only involves property damage. Because an accident leads to time loss and higher insurance premiums. Even purely economically, road safety is worthwhile. Furthermore, safe driving is beneficial for improving the transport sector’s negative image.